• About TCE

    About TCE

Company Brochure

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Our Mission

TCE is committed to providing our extrusion customers with the most responsive customer service and the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Our History

In 1987, Tri-City Extrusion set out to begin a 6000 series aluminum extrusion company with the sole purpose of being the" Extruder of Choice". The business was started with a 6" 1400 ton press and later added a 8" 2500 ton press in 2001. The vision was one that included several goals, one of which was to provide OEM manufactures with an effective, yet versatile product at the right price with the end result being a quality delivery experience.

The acquisition of four properties made room for a facility expansion in 2007/2008, which when completed, added 35,086 square feet of manufacturing space and 5,200 square feet of office space, having grown the facility from 64,340 square feet to 104,426 square feet.

A 12" 3500 ton press was acquired to further expand our capabilities and product offerings with large extruded shapes while continuing the tradition of providing quality products to our customers. The press was fitted with a new puller, run out table, under table cooling system and water quench system so as to offer our customers a broader range of products.

Value added services such as anodizing, fabrication, kitting, and powder paint are also available to TCE customers.

About Us

The Extruder of Choice. We are a dedicated company looking forward to the future of our industry. We have continued to add the latest equipment to provide our customers with a quality driven product. Whether you need a customized extrusion for your next project or one of our standard extrusions, we maintain the flexibility to modify the procedure to meet your needs. All of Tri-City Extrusion's products are manufactured to meet the current Aluminum Association Standards.

Delivery Finished products are delivered by our company trucks, contract carriers, or customers' trucks as required. For customers needing small quantities or expedited shipments, reliable common carriers are available at competitive pricing. Weekly delivery routes to select geographic areas are available.

Customer Reviews


I appreciate everything that you did to help us out of our major crisis a couple of weeks ago. We do recognize that miracles were performed, and the unbelievable hoops that you all had to jump through. You did not have to do what you did, and we genuinely appreciate it. This was a true example of partnership at its finest, and I am so pleased with the way that the relationship has evolved over the past year. I look forward to continuing to grow with you.

All – I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for us on the new dies. We are truly grateful for all your efforts. This is a true partnership!

You guys have really stepped up this year. Thank you very much for your help.

You all have been great to work with and have really helped us grow. Look forward to doing more business with you.

Thanks for your help. Thanks for you help again.

I wanted to take a second to thank you on your help with PO. I needed it rushed to make an order happen and you moved it up to 08/01/16 for me. Then it actually came in earlier than that, we received today! I was very surprised it came in today and am extremely appreciative, that you made it happen for us. Thank you very much!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Tri-city is the best!

Thanks for the quick response!!


We greatly appreciate your awesome response to our need. Thank you so much for getting this to us. You have been a life saver. YOU ARE AWESOME.