Extrusion Finishes

Our Quality Assured Treatment Process.

Our metal surfaces are cleaned in a mild basic solution, rinsed in clear water, etched in a mild acid solution, rinsed in clear water and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Finish Coat
Weather-resistant polyester or urethane thermoset powder is electro-statically applied, oven cured and bonded at approximately 400 degrees F to a minimum dry film thickness of 1.5 mils.

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process resulting in a colored aluminum oxide layer on the extrusions surface. Colors are limited to clear, black and various shades of bronze. Anodizing will inherently result in color variations where there are chemical or physical differences on the metal surface.

Custom Finishes
Custom Colors can be matched using RAL numbers or color chips. Tri-City Extrusion, Inc. can provide custom made two tone finishes.

Powder Coated Surfaces
Thermoset powder paint is standard for surfaces specified with "painted finish". Standard colors are: Dark Bronze, Black, White, and Dark Green. Special colors are virtually unlimited and are provided as specified. Thermoset powder paint finishes are resistant to scratching, chipping or peeling and have excellent color retention. Powder coating can be applied to surfaces as long as 50 feet in length.

Guaranteed Color Uniformity
Our standard thermoset powder coating is a minimum 1.5 mils of urethane or polyester thermoset powders. The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers, Metal Finishes Manual, rates the outdoor life of these powders at 15 plus years.