• What are aluminum extrusions?
    Aluminum Extrusions refer to the process of creating shapes using an aluminum billet (log) by forcing it to flow through an opening in a die. Aluminum can be extruded into standard shapes or specific designs depending on the customer’s needs.
  • What is aluminum fabrication?
    Aluminum Fabrication refers to building aluminum components by cutting, mitering, notching, piercing, bending, CNC machining, mechanical assembly and welding.
  • What is anodization?
    Aluminum Anodization is an electro-chemical process of coating aluminum with a thin layer of oxide to increase corrosion resistance, harden the surface and provide an array of colours.
  • Is aluminum recyclable?
    Yes, aluminum is 100% recyclable without losing its original qualities.  Tri-City Extrusion recycles all of its aluminum scrap.
  • What geographic regions does Tri-City Extrusion, Inc. supply to?
    Tri-City Extrusion has a growing base of customers throughout the country. We currently service our customers within a 500 mile radius of Bristol, TN using our own trucks.